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Portfolyo Paylaşımı / Finding the perfect ringtone for my phone: Personal experience
« Son İleti Gönderen: Marcus 28 Kasım, 2023, 06:29:29 »
Recently, I realized that my boring ringtone no longer matches my bubbly personality. That's when I decided to embark on a journey to find the perfect ringtone that reflects my style and brightens my days.

While surfing the Internet, I came across the website which offers a great variety of ringtones, from classic melodies to more modern sounds.

One of the things that impressed me about this website is how easy it is to use. The smooth navigation allowed me to quickly navigate through different categories. With just a few clicks, I can listen to samples and download my favorite songs directly to my phone.

The great thing about “phone ringtones” is the ability to personalize the ringtone according to my mood. Whether I want something fun in the morning or more relaxing in the evening, the options are endless. This adds a personal touch to each incoming call.

Ultimately, finding the perfect ringtone for my phone was a rewarding experience. Every ringtone has become an extension of my personality, bringing joy to every call. If you are looking for new ringtones, I encourage you to explore the "phone ringtones" options.
Objektif / Ynt: Satılık: Gövde, Flaş ve Lensler.. Pentax, m43, Fujifilm
« Son İleti Gönderen: baygünay 24 Kasım, 2023, 10:56:28 »
*** merhaba Ümit bey..
       Kutusu yok,, :-[
       Sana özel şöyle bir alternatif sunabilirim.
Objektif / Ynt: Satılık: Gövde, Flaş ve Lensler.. Pentax, m43, Fujifilm
« Son İleti Gönderen: ucam1 24 Kasım, 2023, 10:21:26 »
16 45 kutulu mu hocam
Objektif / Ynt: Satılık: Gövde, Flaş ve Lensler.. Pentax, m43, Fujifilm
« Son İleti Gönderen: baygünay 22 Kasım, 2023, 13:19:35 »
*** Yeni ilaveler ile güncellendi.  :)
Genel Fotoğrafçılık Haberleri / BU FESTİVALİN KATİLİ SENSİN!
« Son İleti Gönderen: mirat 21 Kasım, 2023, 14:48:48 »
"Nedir zamiaaa olarak bu fotoğraf festivallerinden alıp veremediğimiz?"

Ya birkaç sefer sonrasında devamını getiremiyoruz, yahutta gelenekselleştirmeyi beceremiyoruz.

23 Kasım Perşembe akşamı, Saat 19:30'da; Fotografik Gündem'de Türkiye'deki fotoğraf festivallerinden bahsedeceğiz.

İlk olarak yakın geçmişte biten '212 Photography Istanbul' ve 'BursaFotoFest' fotoğraf festivallerini değerlendireceğiz.

Ardından Türkiye'deki Fotoğraf festivallerinin kara kutusunu birlikte açacağız. Bekleriz.

İyi seyirler!
Portfolyo Paylaşımı / Ynt: Instadp vs. Instagram: Which is the Better DP Viewer
« Son İleti Gönderen: Bakku 19 Kasım, 2023, 20:15:56 »
Now instagram also has the feature to view DPs in full size. Haven't you tried it? There was also a rumor that instagram is going to add feature to instagram audio download, but i don't think so.
500px / Ynt: Mehmet Çoban
« Son İleti Gönderen: MC145 18 Kasım, 2023, 15:35:38 »
Objektif / Satılık Pentax 645Z için 150mm f2.8 if
« Son İleti Gönderen: gulderisbayram 17 Kasım, 2023, 18:46:52 »
Hiç kullanılmamıştır. Portre fotoğrafçısı olduğum için diğer lensimi kullanıyorum. İlgilenirseniz iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Adjusting the equalization of your tonos para celular can make a significant difference. Experiment with the bass, treble, and midrange frequencies to find the perfect balance that complements the nature of your sound. This step adds depth and richness to your ringtone, enhancing its overall quality.

Before setting your customized ringtone as the default, test it across various devices to ensure universal compatibility. Different smartphones and platforms may interpret sounds differently, so thorough testing guarantees that your creation will sound its best, regardless of the device.

If professional editing software seems intimidating, several online tools simplify the customization process. Platforms like Zedge, Ringtone Maker, or Melofania offer user-friendly interfaces and tools to help you create high-quality free ringtones without the need for advanced technical skills.

Customizing quality sounds for free ringtones is an art that blends technical precision with creative intuition. By starting with a pristine sound source, embracing professional editing software, and experimenting with effects and equalization, you can craft ringtones that reflect your unique style. Whether you're a novice or an audio editing enthusiast, the key is to enjoy the process of creating a sound that transforms your smartphone into a personalized symphony. So, dive into the world of customization, let your creativity flourish, and let your phone ring with a sound that is unmistakably yours.
Gövde / Ynt: K10D Arıyorum.
« Son İleti Gönderen: sasuta 16 Kasım, 2023, 23:37:08 »
Evet ama onlar istanbulda değil. Üstelik durumları da pek iç açıcı gelmedi.
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